About us…

Global travel is becoming more and more common these days with people visiting various countries around the world, from Belgium to Botswana, for both business and pleasure. Cultural differences between countries are what makes the world so unique and it's important to understand the social etiquette when immersing yourself in a new environment. Gratitude has been developed for those who’ve too often been left asking “how much should I tip?” when paying their bill at the end of a meal, thanking a taxi driver for their service, a bartender for their drinks or a luggage porter for the efforts.

We have thoroughly researched each country’s norms and discovered the acceptable tipping range for each of these services in every country. You’ll never have to worry about offending someone in a different culture whether you’re visiting on vacation or in a professional capacity again.

You can work out how much each person in your party needs to contribute to a bill, inclusive of the tip, based on the service you have received in the country that you are in. For example, it's considered rude to tip in Japan, whilst in the United States tipping is considered mandatory and many service staff rely on their tips to make a living. 

We are here to help you get it right and tip correctly no matter what language you speak or which country you’re in. Our tip calculator takes in to account local culture, quality of service and the size of your group to ensure everyone leaves content, on both sides of the counter.

Download Gratitude here and start tipping today!