Showing your gratitude

I am a keen traveller and often go on short city breaks across Europe and occasionally further afield to more exotic climates other than the cold, wet city that is London (my base). I'm used to tipping in the U.K based upon the service I receive and whether or not I'm feeling flush (not very often), but when I'm overseas I feel that good old British need to be super polite and (over)tip. After all, I am representing my country and I don't want people thinking we're rude. 

But the fact is I do tip overseas, but I have no idea of if I'm tipping the correct amount, or if I'm being a bit of a scrooge. For example, I didn't even no it was rude to tip in Japan, until I start my research into various gratuity policies across the globe. I've had friends say they've been scowled at in the U.S for not tipping enough, whilst sometimes foreign currencies seem like Monopoly money to me and I don't actually know how much it's worth. 

I feel it's important to respect whatever culture you are in and embrace what may be alien to you. One thing that everyone does is eat and drink (not necessarily alcohol), whilst most people have got a taxi and/or had a porter help them with their bags at some point in their life. And then at the end of their meal I'm sure many people have had the awkward moment when the waiter or waitress picks up their tip with a disheartened look in their eyes or when the taxi driver gives you the change from a twenty and you quickly exit the vehicle. 

It's nice to show your appreciation, but at the same time you don't want to be overpaying just because you aren't sure what is acceptable and what isn't. After months of research and development we hope that we've come up with an answer to these issues for you. Gratitude enables you to tip for a meal, drinks, taxi or porter based upon the service you receive and the country you're in. It'll split the bill at the end dependant on how many people you're with. 

It's unique because it has an inbuilt algorithm which does that maths for you based on a researched and acceptable tipping range. Some countries and cultures don't expect tips, whilst others rely on them. The acceptable amount varies from country to country. So let us help you get it right.