Tipping at this Summer’s World Cup in Russia.

This Summer thousands of football fans from around the world will congregate in Russia for the 2018 football World Cup. Russia is the largest country in the world and is already one of the top 20 tourism destinations in the world, so they are no strangers to hosting. 

This Summer will be a big financial boost for many restaurant and bar owners in the hosting cities, but the staff will also be hoping to benefit from this increased turnover.

So let’s take a look at how much you should tip staff in Russia during the World Cup. Similar to previous hosting countries, it is likely that the level of service will be increased for an event such as the World Cup so that Russia is represented to the highest of levels. Therefore, it’ll be likely that you will feel a tip is merited.

How much to tip in restaurants when at the Russian World Cup

In general, when at a restaurant or table-service bar, it is considered acceptable to between 10-15% on top of the final bill. Many restaurants do not accept credit cards so be prepared to have enough cash to cover your meal and tip the waiting staff. For any self-service restaurants, or bars where you order form the bar, a tip is not required.

Tipping in hotels in Russia

When you’re staying in a hotel in Russia this Summer it is courteous to tip the porter or doorman 30-90 Rubles per bag that they help you with. It is also considered mandatory to tip Housekeeping on a daily basis (between 60-120 Rubles). For the concierge or reception staff a generally accepted amount to tip is 300 Rubles at the end of your stay. To add a nice touch to your gratuity, put it in an envelope with a small thank you note. 

How much gratuity to give a tour guide in Russia 

If you take a guided tour in between football games this Summer, then we would advise tipping 300 Rubles at the end of the tour, which is equivalent to about $10.

Tipping taxi drivers in russia

If you are taking a taxi from your hotel to the stadium, it is customary to round up the fare on arrival. As a rule of thumb tip up to 10% depending on the length (and safety) of the taxi ride. Be advised to negotiate the cost before getting into the taxi, or get the concierge to do this for you. 

There is no need to tip if you use a Russian spa, or Banya.

Top tip: always tip in cash to ensure the staff member gets the gratuity for themselves.