Tipping Down under

Everything seems much more chilled out in Australia. There’s a lot of surfing, beach days BBQs and just to add to that, they have Koalas.

Even when it comes to tipping they don’t make a big deal about it. The general rule is that tipping isn’t compulsorily, but, if you want to, go ahead it will be appreciated. This is, in part, due to the minimum wage laws ($17.29 per hour) put in place to ensure service industry staff get remunerated reasonably well. In addition, stated prices in restaurants and bars include tax, unlike the US, so there is no additional costs at the end of the meal or drink.

If you’re visiting Australia in the near future, here is a general rule of thumb for tipping which you might want to follow (should you want to).

Tipping at restaurants in Australia.

When eating at restaurants in Australia it is advised to tip 10% for good service. However, this is not compulsorily and only required if you are happy with your meal and service. Be advised, tipping in cash is the only way to ensure the staff get the tip.

Leaving a tip at a hotel in Australia.

Again, there is no need to tip when staying at a hotel in Australia. If you choose to do so though you can tip by using the following guide. A valet driver can be tipped $2-5 for parking your car, a doorman can be tipped $2 for hailing a taxi and a bellhop or porter can be tipped $2-5 for helping you with your bags. There is no need to tip a concierge.

You can leave a gratuity for the housekeeping if you wish to do so. We would advise leaving up to $15 and a thank you note if you’ve stayed more than a few days.

Tipping in a taxi in Australia.

Tips aren’t expected in taxis, but the driver will always be appreciative of an additional gratuity. We suggest 10% if you are happy with your journey. It’s worth noting that taxi drivers can legally add on a 10% gratuity to the bill too (it doesn’t happen all the time though), so ensure this hasn’t been added before you tip. Alternatively, if 10% seems excessive, then you can just round up the fare to the nearest $5.

Leaving a gratuity at a bar in Australia.

There is no need to tip at bars in Australia, however, similar to the UK, you might want to buy the bar staff a drink to say thank you.

Leaving a tip for your tour guide in Australia.

Whilst it’s not expected, tipping a tour guide $10 as a thank you at the end of the tour (if the tour was great) is always gratefully received.  

In general though, if you are in Australia you do not need to tip. So, you can’t really go wrong. Only tip if you want to and the amount is up to you!