Eating out in the MENA region 

Do you find varying countries tipping etiquette hard to keep up with? Do you often find yourself wondering how much should to tip when abroad? These are common feelings when it comes to gratuity. In general, the amount you tip should be what you think the service is deserved of. Set tipping rules and percentages have often taken over to make it seem like these are the only way to leave a gratuity and must be adhered to, but really they are just helpful guidelines. 

So, whilst tipping is optional, it’s good to know which countries expect a tip, which don’t and the ball park percentage you should be aiming for so you don’t over or under tip (should you shoes to do so).

Let’s take a look at tipping in the MENA region, which encompasses the Middle East and North Africa. 

UAE – In Dubai, it’s likely there will be a 10% service charge already added to your bill and topping this up with a few dirhams will suffice; elsewhere in the UAE, tip 15-20% of your food bill.

Qatar – This country has a similar tipping culture to the U.S, in restaurants at least. Tip between 15-20% here too.  

Mauritania – in this African country, which is South of Morocco, a service charge is normally added to your bill. If it is, you can leave a small tip to say thanks. If the service charge hasn’t been added, tip between 12-15%. 

Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya & Morocco – In all of these countries it is considered polite to leave a tip of around 10-15% if the meal is really good. Check beforehand to see if the service charge has been added first. If it has then a smaller tip will suffice. 

Jordan – The bill will most likely come with a service charge. Add 5-15% on top of the food bill.

Lebanon – Here leave up to 15% of the total food bill, depending on how your meal was and how good the service was. 

Egypt – Whilst there is normally a tip already added to the bill, it is expected that you add 5-12% on top of that. 

Bahrain, Syria, Oman, Yemen & Tunisia – In these three countries it is considered polite to leave a 10% tip on top of your bill.

Algeria – Leave between 5-10% depending on how tasty your meal was and how good the service was. 

Israel – The tip is generally included in the bill but they will welcome a small tip on top of this. 

Do you reside in any of these countries and think we’re wrong? Or do you have any suggestions for updates to these stats? We’d love to hear from you if so –