Gratitude Tipping (& Travel) Update is Here!

After weeks of collating feedback from our users and testing the app on multiple devices we’ve managed to complete our first upgrade! And we’re pretty happy with it if we do say so ourselves… 

The main addition is that of offline functionality. Users agreed they wanted to be able to access the app without an internet connection, something which we thoroughly agreed with. So, now if the user is offline the app will automatically take them to a dropdown menu whereby they can access information for every country. This is also accessible to those that are online by clicking the ‘skip to drop down menu’ box on the location page. Nifty eh!?


The second part of the upgrade is something we’ve been working on for a while. We have added a mini travel guide to every country, which can be accessed through the information icon at the top of the country screen. The mini travel guide is something which we want to keep adding too to make as comprehensive as possible. Currently we provide information on the countries such as the capital cities, population figures, tourist hotspots and hidden gems. We also provide basic language advice in all the dialects. Finally, as we are a tipping app after all, we provide tips for must try food and drinks! 


Looking forward, the next part of our upgrade will be to include more information on these travel guides. However, we are looking to also provide bespoke discounts and deals at restaurants, bars, taxi companies and hotels for those who have the app on their phone… So watch this space! 

If you have any feedback on the app, any issues with accuracy or would like to collaborate in the future then please do drop us an email at and let us know!