A Weekend Break in Seville

When I was based in London I loved to do weekend trips to nearby places. Cambridge, Brighton and St. Albans were just a few of the great places that I went to. Now, having moved to Madrid, i’m getting to experience a whole new culture and some fascinating cities.

Last September I had the pleasure of attending my friends wedding in Seville. I decided to get the train from Madrid Atocha train station, first-class may I add, to Seville Santa Justa station. We got an uber to the station due to the extremely early nature of departure (hence it being first-class) and got on board what was a relatively fancy train.

With first-class you get a hot breakfast, a bigger seat and drinks served throughout the journey. The journey was around two and a half hours, so whilst my girlfriend slept I waited for the sun to rise to see some of my surroundings. I watched as we went from central Madrid through the Spanish countryside until we got to the golden hills of Andalusia. I could tell, even before we got off the train, that I was going to really like it here.


As usual, we stayed in an Airbnb. We opted for the Triana district of Seville as the flat was offering a terrace the size of my living room. Similarly to most trips, I hadn’t planned anything, nor had I checked what Seville was like. However, even I couldn’t have imagined the city to be as fascinating as it was. The three days we were booked there were clearly not going to be enough to see the whole city, taking into account I always like to have at least one day of aimless rambling.

After the double success of both the fabulous wedding and me successfully fitting into a suit that three-weeks prior was nothing but a pipe dream, we set of to explore the city in all its glory. Here are some of my top recommendations for your next visit to Seville!

Go to Plaza de España and walk around Parque de María Luisa

This is a must see for anyone’s trip to Seville. The Regionalism architecture of this building, which was built in 1928, brings together elements of Renaissance and Moorish styles and is a top location for anyone wanting their next viral Instagram photo. It’s a popular tourist spot and is free to visit. To top it off it’s located in an amazing (and well shaded) park which you can spend hours walking around.


Hire a Kayak and paddle along Canal de Alfonso XIII

This isn’t necessarily everyones idea of fun, but it’s up there with cycling for me. There are numerous places where you can hire a kayak (for a couple of hours or as long as you want). The water in the canal is still and the only ‘chop’ you’ll get is from passing boats, but the canal is wide enough for you to stay well clear of any engined traffic. The glorious Moorish architecture along the canal makes it a sightseeing tour you don’t want to miss.


Eat at La Primera de Puente or Río Grande on Calle Betis

Both of these restaurants overlook the river and have stunning views of the surrounding scenery. The terraces are well shaded for the excruciating summer heat with cooling spray being belted on you ever few minutes. The food in both of these restaurants is traditional Andalusian. A money saving tip here is to tell the waiter you don’t want the bread when they put it on the table (its often not fresh and you’ll be charged for it even if you don’t touch it come the end of the meal).


Wander the Cobbled Streets and go to the Cathedral

Seville has copious amounts of streets and alleys for you to get lost in. Each street has it’s own charm and the architecture, as with everywhere in Seville, is breathtaking. In the centre of the city is the amazing Catedral de Seville. Tickets are a bit on the expensive side, but it’s definitely worth it if you fancy taking a step back in time.

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Seville was a wonderful city and well worth visiting if you’re in Spain. It has a charm about it which no other city has. Whilst I'm sure the weather helps with this charm, it’s so aesthetically pleasing, culturally intriguing and laid back that I challenge anyone not to like it! It’s highly recommended and I will definitely be visiting again!