Top 5 Day Trips From Madrid

Madrid is a great city in the centre of Spain. You can spend days wandering around the traditional Spanish streets, relaxing in the parks, swimming in the open top pools and drinking and eating to your heart’s content. But, you can expand on your Madrid experience by taking a quick and easy day trip to one of the surrounding towns which also have plenty to offer.

Here are my top five day-trip destinations, if you’re looking to break away from city life for a bit.


Sevogia is a town which is only a short, high-speed train journey north-west of Madrid. Boasting a Roman aqueduct, a gothic cathedral, a Disney-influencing castle and being declared a UNESCO world heritage site, it really does have a lot going for it and it doest disappoint. You could spend more than a day here easily, but for those who are time poor it’s a perfect way to escape Madrid. Be warned that the train station is actually in the middle of nowhere, so a taxi or bus from the station will be required to get to the centre of the town.

Departure Station: Madrid - Chamartín

Method of Transport: Train

Cost: From €14 return

Journey time one-way: 28 minutes



Another ancient city, this time to the south of Madrid, which is recognised for its medieval Arab, Jewish and Christian monuments. The journey time again is quick and once you arrive the city is accessible either by walking (with the aid of escalators built into the hills), by taxi or by bus. Without going into too much detail, as there is plenty to celebrate regarding this magnificent city, Toledo is a must see. Go for the day, the weekend or longer and you’ll find the history of the city drawing you in.

Departure Station: Madrid - Atocha

Method of Transport: Train

Cost: From €23 return

Journey time one-way: 33 minutes



I didn’t have much knowledge of this town, but after finding some very cheap tickets to go there for the day I set off, south of Madrid. The station is only a short journey from the centre of the town and the main attraction, the palace gardens. The palace, influenced by the French, sits next to the River Tagus, and feeds the gardens and local flora to make an extremely lush oasis (compared to the desert like surroundings). You can wander the palace gardens for hours on end, before ending your day at one of their lovely restaurants whilst you wait for your return train. Again, highly recommended.

Departure Station: Madrid - Atocha Cercanías

Method of Transport: Train

Cost: From €10 return

Journey time one-way: 35 minutes



Another train journey to the north-west of Madrid to the ancient city of Ávila, which is renowned for it’s medieval city walls. The train journey in itself is a spectacle and one you don’t want to be asleep for. The journey provides glorious mountain views and has a photo opportunity around every corner. The city is spectacular and quaint. Once you’ve walked from the train station to the old town you feel like you are in a set of Game of Thrones. The city wall is a must to walk on and, at €5 per person, is a bargain.

Departure Station: Madrid - Príncipe Pio

Method of Transport: Train

Cost: From €20return

Journey time one-way: 1 hour 40 minutes


Manzanares el Real

I’ve mentioned Manzanares el Real in another of my blogs and I’ll include it again as it offers those who want a more nature-filled day trip an option too. A short bus journey into the nearby town of Manzanares el Real is a great way to spend a weekend. Once you’re there you can hike up the mountains, swim in the streams (which become big pools, at points) and stop off at the hut ‘bars’ which are dotted along the journey. A worthwhile day out which will get the heart beating!

Departure Station: Madrid - Plaza de Castilla

Method of Transport: Bus

Cost: From €8 return

Journey time one-way: 50 minutes