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Poland - ‘Gdansk with Me’ - BY SAMANTHA OWEN-STODDART

Over the last May Bank Holiday weekend I took a trip to Gdansk, with my mum. Gdansk is a port city on the Baltic coast of Poland. We always plan one or two girls trips throughout the year, mainly to spend some quality mum and daughter time together and live out both of our passions, you guessed it travel! As I have said before my mum and dad instilled the need to travel and learn from other cultures into to me from being small. I am so thankful that they did so. My mum is a lovely lady, so kind and caring. Even though I am 35 soon, she would tell you if she met you I was still her little girl and always will be.. She is not only mum, she’s my best friend. So who better to experience Gdansk with!!

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