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Gratitude Tipping (& Travel) Update is Here!

After weeks of collating feedback from our users and testing the app on multiple devices we’ve managed to complete our first upgrade! And we’re pretty happy with it if we do say so ourselves… 

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How to ask for the bill in nearly ever country in the world

Asking for the bill in the language of the country you’re in is a nice touch to show your respect for the culture. Whilst it’s not essential (and you can normally act out the signing of a bill on you hand which works just as well), it gives you a chance to show your language skills. Below is a list of ways to ask for the bill in all dialects. 

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Tipping in restaurants in the Nordic Countries 

When referring to Nordic countries we mean those that encompass the most northern regions of Europe: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden. In general, tipping in these countries is fairly conservative and not a mandatory requirement as such. Waiting staff wages are high in comparison to most other European countries meaning that there is less emphasis on tips to supplement salaries. In addition, most meals will automatically have service charge included in the price, meaning there are no extra hidden costs you need to account for. But whilst tipping is not necessary, it certainly isn’t uncommon either. 

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