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A Long Weekend in Paris

It had been many years since I was last in Paris, so much so I couldn’t remember anything about it (I was a child and was camping and visiting Disneyland with family). But, it was basically on my doorstep living in London and I wanted to also experience the Eurostar. I’ve loved trains all my life and I think it’ the best way to go from place to place.

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‘Come to the Costa del Sol’ - By Samantha Owen-Stoddart

After visiting the Costa del Sol over Christmas time, I wanted to write a short blog about what there is to see and where you can venture too whilst enjoying southern Spain! I rented a car (the least said about that the better…) as I wanted to get out and about and see this lovely part of Spain. I remember fondly family holidays in this region, I am not sure if you’ll agree, but it seems the older I become the more appreciative I am for seeing places or discovering parts I have never seen. This is how I feel about the Costa del Sol and why I was so determined to travel along this stretch of coastline.

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Vilnius Like a Local

Lithuania is a country filled with beautiful lakes, historical architecture and great local cuisine. I’d previously visited one of its Baltic neighbours, Estonia, but I knew very little about the country I would be spending the next few day in. Luckily for me, I had a ready made tour guide in my Lithuanian girlfriend, who was very keen to show me her country.

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