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Pottering Around Porto

My only memory of Portugal before this visit was a fairly distant one. I went to the Algarve after University for some ‘real’ sun and, well, because i’m English and that’s where we go. The beaches and scenery were beautiful, but I didn’t really experience any Portuguese culture. Having moved to Madrid in the summer of 2018 I was in a much better location to explore parts of Europe for brief weekend visits.

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Spanish City ‘Making the most out of Malaga’

Back in May whilst I was travelling around Gdansk in Poland, Adam booked us two return flights with Easyjet to Malaga for November. Firstly as they were a fantastic deal and secondly because that’s the kind of lovely person he is! Always super supportive of my travel blog, to which I am thankful. When we discussed accommodation, he happily booked a place we had been to see a year earlier on a Boxing Day trip to the city, called Dulces Dreams. It was a small hotel, very central to everything and cheap. Our booking was confirmed and we began planning our trip…

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