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Tipping in 3 tourist hotspots: London, New York and Barcelona

London, New York and Barcelona are cities which welcome millions of tourists each year, but tipping in each city isn’t necessarily the same.

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How much should you tip in Thailand?

Holidays in Thailand have become even more popular in recent years with so much on offer for travellers, business persons, couples and families. However, tipping in Thailand is not always so simple. For instance, there are circumstances where tipping is more appropriate than other occasions.

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Showing your gratitude

I am a keen traveller and often go on short city breaks across Europe and occasionally further afield to more exotic climates other than the cold, wet city that is London (my base). I'm used to tipping in the U.K based upon the service I receive and whether or not I'm feeling flush (not very often), but when I'm overseas I feel that good old British need to be super polite and (over)tip. After all, I am representing my country and I don't want people thinking we're rude. 

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