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A Weekend in Vibrant Valencia

Continuing with my exploration of Spain I decided on a trip from Madrid to the nearest coastal city, Valencia. I’d been to Barcelona in the past and loved it, but I didn't know much about Valencia, a city some 350km south of the Catalonian capital.

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A Weekend Break in Seville

When I was based in London I loved to do weekend trips to nearby places. Cambridge, Brighton and St. Albans were just a few of the great places that I went to. Now, having moved to Madrid, i’m getting to experience a whole new culture and some fascinating cities.

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Now & Again- Returning to Now Sapphire, Mexico - By Samantha Owen-Stoddart

In May I travelled to Mexico and made a return trip to the Now Sapphire resort for the third time. I first visited in 2013 to celebrate my 30th birthday, as a surprise gift from my husband after he had heard such great comments about the hotel and again in 2015 to holiday with family. Each time I feel lucky enough to say I have met great people from others parts of the world, who I now count as good friends. That is one the joy’s of travel, you meet new people and friendships grow all in the shared passion of seeing the world.

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