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Irkutsk and Beyond - Trans-Siberian Railway Part 2

We arrived into Irkutsk extremely disorientated. We’d been on a train for the best part of five days and, without knowing when, we’d passed through five-hours of time zones. It was early morning and we were hungry, slightly hungover and tired. Our first port of call was some authentic Russian food.

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Trans-Siberian Express in a Nutshell (Part 1 - Russia)

There’s something about train travel which makes it such a soothing way to get from a to b. For me, everything looks better through a train window and there is no better way to see a country or region (I actually think cycling is the best way to do this, but you definitely need plenty of time to embark upon a long distance cycle tour). Long distance train travel isn’t for everyone though, especially in an age of budget airlines.

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