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Visiting Vegas - My Tips! By Samantha Owen-Stoddart

Las Vegas is situated in Nevada’s Mojave Desert in the United States of America, nicknamed ‘Sin City’. Vegas as its known to most is a renowned resort city, mainly known for gambling, shopping, fine dining and nightlife. Its origins actually date back to 1905!

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How much should you tip in Thailand?

Holidays in Thailand have become even more popular in recent years with so much on offer for travellers, business persons, couples and families. However, tipping in Thailand is not always so simple. For instance, there are circumstances where tipping is more appropriate than other occasions.

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Tipping at this Summer’s World Cup in Russia.

This Summer thousands of football fans from around the world will congregate in Russia for the 2018 football World Cup. Russia is the largest country in the world and is already one of the top 20 tourism destinations in the world, so they are no strangers to hosting. 

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