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Vilnius Like a Local

Lithuania is a country filled with beautiful lakes, historical architecture and great local cuisine. I’d previously visited one of its Baltic neighbours, Estonia, but I knew very little about the country I would be spending the next few day in. Luckily for me, I had a ready made tour guide in my Lithuanian girlfriend, who was very keen to show me her country.

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Tipping in Kenya

Kenya is one of the most visited countries in the continent of Africa. With its beautiful Indian-Ocean coastline, lakes, savannah grasslands, valleys and highlands it has a lot to offer tourists. Not to mention its bustling capital city, Nairobi. Its climate and exotic wildlife means there is a big market for tourism across the country with locals offering a great insight into their country. 

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Tipping in 3 tourist hotspots: London, New York and Barcelona

London, New York and Barcelona are cities which welcome millions of tourists each year, but tipping in each city isn’t necessarily the same.

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