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How to ask for the bill in nearly ever country in the world

Asking for the bill in the language of the country you’re in is a nice touch to show your respect for the culture. Whilst it’s not essential (and you can normally act out the signing of a bill on you hand which works just as well), it gives you a chance to show your language skills. Below is a list of ways to ask for the bill in all dialects. 

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Showing your gratitude

I am a keen traveller and often go on short city breaks across Europe and occasionally further afield to more exotic climates other than the cold, wet city that is London (my base). I'm used to tipping in the U.K based upon the service I receive and whether or not I'm feeling flush (not very often), but when I'm overseas I feel that good old British need to be super polite and (over)tip. After all, I am representing my country and I don't want people thinking we're rude. 

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