Why gratitude can help you navigate different cultures correctly...

Whilst tipping generosity often depends on the individual, there are generally accepted rules which apply to different countries, which, if you follow will ensure you do not cause offence. 

Tipping tends to be a choice (and so it should be!), but if you are keen to ensure you don't over or under tip in a country that is new to you, then Gratitude is able to help provide you with an accurate guide to ensure you tip correctly. It'll even split your bill dependant on how many people you are dining with, sharing a taxi with, drinks bought or bags carried. 

If tipping had a universally accepted percentage then there would certainly be no need for Gratitude. Alas, it is not and there are some quite drastic differences between counties. For example, it is generally considered rude to try and leave a tip in Japan, whereas in the U.S it is considered a vital way for someone to make an income and tips of around 25% are often expected. 

In Europe most countries hover around the 10-15% mark for acceptable tipping ranges, whilst on some islands there is a swing of between 0-20% for expected tipping amounts. 

In some countries tipping is widely expected by taxi drivers and hostel porters whereas in other countries it wouldn't even be considered. 

Most people wouldn't consider tipping regularly for drinks bought, especially in the U.K, but in the U.S it is often expected that around $1 per drink is suitable. 

Gratitude takes all this worry away and gives you a tipping amount dependant on the country you are in and the service you've received (after all, you shouldn't be expected to tip as much if the service you receive isn't five star!). 

Give it a go and let us know what you think! Download the app here: