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We were introduced to Gratitude Tipping through Twitter and we’re so glad we were. This is a really simple and easy to use app that helps you divvy up your food and bar bills, taxi fares by the number of people and lets you know how much to tip based on the country you’re in. We’ve found it to be a wonderful addition to our travel apps. `Thanks Gratitude Tipping!

Gratitude should be a part of every traveller's travelling apps. It's simple to use: choose an activity - food, taxi, drink, or porter - select how pleased you are with the service, and - voilà! - you know the appropriate amount to tip. A few seconds on this clever app can save you from embarrassment. It's quick to download, and super useful - go for it!

Tristan Goldthorpe

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Excellent app for travellers when you are not sure of the local customs and eager not to offend. Especially useful if you want to use the same restaurant or bar more than once during your trip!

For an amateur abroad like me, it's great to have knowledge of the local customs. Make you feel comfortable knowing what is and isn't appropriate to tip and show credit where its due. Top marks.

What an easy way to avoid the typical conversation when you travel "do they expect us to give tips in this country?" "How much should we tip?" "So with the tip, how much is now per head?"... And I love how easy it is to be used with great and intuitive icons :)